Insurance / Comprehensive, Warranty, Loan Protection and Gap Cover

Wilson Finance Group offers a wide range of insurance products to assist you safeguard your assets and personal circumstances with the correct level of cover. You may also be able to finance the insurance premium on the credit contract. Ask us today.

Comprehensive Insurance

When you finance the purchase of a motor vehicle, or other goods, it is usually a requirement of the loan contract or lease to have the security comprehensively insured at all times during the contract term.

As a consequence, you must organise insurance before delivery by transferring your current insurance or arranging new cover. You can arrange comprehensive insurance from the insurer of your choice, or ask Wilson Finance Group to provide a competitive quote from any of our panel of insurers.

With comprehensive insurance you will generally be covered for accidents, fire and theft as well as any third party damage you may be legally liable to pay.

Warranty Insurance

Motor vehicle warranty insurance is an insurance policy purchased by you to minimise the cost of replacing or repairing motor vehicle parts in the event that they are faulty or damaged, subject to specific limits.

If a vehicle meets certain qualifying criteria, a vehicle warranty can be purchased for various periods ranging from 12 months to 60 months. In some cases, a warranty may be purchased prior to the expiry of the manufacturers extended warranty so that you maintain continuity in your protection.

Vehicle breakdowns are annoying at best and financially disastrous at worst. Vehicle warranty insurance will enable you to drive with confidence knowing that if your vehicle suffers a major breakdown you’ll be covered for the specified repairs which you can usually get done at your local licensed garage or dealer.

Loan Protection Insurance

Consumer Credit Insurance is designed to give you and your family peace of mind. In the event of an accident, sickness, involuntary unemployment, death and somtimes trauma, this insurance will cover your loan repayments, subject to the limits of the policy

Gap Cover – Short Fall Insurance

Gap Insurance protects you by paying the shortfall amount owed to the credit provider in the event that you have a total loss due to accident, theft or damage, and the amount received from the comprehensive insurer is inadequate to finalise the loan on the vehicle.

When you borrow money to purchase a vehicle you may be exposed to this insurance shortfall or gap. This gap is the difference between the insured value of the vehicle and the remaining balance required to finalise the loan or lease.

Gap Insurance is only available when you enter into a new finance contract at the point of purchase and the vehicle or asset is comprehensively insured.

You should read the Product Disclosure Statement for the product you intend to purchase so that you understand exactly what is covered, the benefits for each level of cover, and what the limits and exclusions are.